European nations in danger of new UK travel curbs as Covid cases soar

Several countries could be redlisted for UK travel following a worrying spike in Covid infections.

In some Central and Eastern European countries, including Austria, Germany, Romania, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, an autumn wave of infections is overwhelming health services.

Austria has entered its fourth national lockdown, with Christmas markets in Vienna filled with locals and tourists on Sundays to see the holiday sights before shops and food stalls have to close.

In his latest travelogue, UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps confirmed that no country or area would be immediately downgraded to the Red List, reports the LiverpoolEcho.

However, Mr Shapps warned strongly that the government “stands ready to add back countries and territories if necessary”.

Data analyst Tim White has been tracking the number of cases in travel destinations around the world since the UK government put travel restrictions in place and has identified several countries at risk of returning to the red list.

He highlighted record case rates in Norway, which had hit an all-time high in last week’s seven-day moving average, as a problem, reports the Independent.

Mr White tweeted: “Currently, seven European nations have a record 7-day infection rate. Norway joins # Austria # Denmark #Germany #Island #Netherlands and #Slovakia with record rates.

“#Slovenia was there a week ago and could now join the group again any day.

“Could be big problems for #USA around Christmas. If this is the start of the mega-wave that has hit Europe, the bad news is that the US is starting with a higher rate of infection than any of the previous waves. Tomorrow I will say # Covid19 in advance.” Cases will go over 100,000 again. “

Mr. White also highlighted Croatia, Belgium and the Czech Republic.

Meanwhile, the German health minister has said the rapid rise in coronavirus cases likely means anyone in the country who isn’t vaccinated will have Covid-19 by the end of winter and some of them will die.

Official figures showed more than 30,000 newly confirmed cases in Germany in the last 24 hours, an increase of around 50% compared to the previous week.

Health Minister Jens Spahn urged Germans to get vaccinated, even with a booster, if their first round of vaccination was more than six months ago, in order to reduce the risk of serious illness.

“By the end of this winter, pretty much everyone in Germany … will have been vaccinated, recovered or died,” Spahn told reporters in Berlin.

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