European Union allows Moderna vaccine

The European Commission on Wednesday (06) approved emergency use of the covid-19 vaccine developed by the modern American biotechnology company in the 27 member states of the international bloc. The immunization process is expected to start next week.

Immunization is the second approved by the European Union (the first was that of the Pfizer / BioNTech consortium), and the authorization takes place a few hours after the European Medicines Agency, similar to Anvisa in Brazil, conditional marketing authorization grants, a mechanism that speeds up access to the product.

Moderna has sold 80 million doses of its vaccine to the European bloc with an option to purchase an additional 80 million, which will join 300 million doses of Pfizer, which is also being applied in two phases and already offered in the community of all countries, with a total of 450 million inhabitants.

Vaccines used in the European Union

The two vaccines approved for use in European bloc citizens use a technology based on mRNA (messenger ribonucleic acid) molecules that cause human cells to produce immunity against the coronavirus spike (thorn) and prevent it from combining with cell receptors.

As the pharmaceutical companies used different formulations, some variations exist in the products. Moderna’s vaccine should be stored at -20 ° C, while Pfizer’s vaccine should be refrigerated at -70 ° C. Target audience, Moderna has applied for approval for people over 18 years old and Pfizer for people over 16 years old .

Moderna, a small Massachusetts biotechnology company, achieved 94.1% efficacy, proven by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) after clinical trials involving 30,400 volunteers. Performance was slightly higher in young adults compared to the elderly.

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