Every House Member Who Aided the January 6 Rioters Must Be Expelled

Congress should identify, investigate, and expel members of the House and Senate who helped the insurgents who stormed the U.S. Capitol to overturn the 2020 election results. This is the constitutionally appropriate and practically necessary response to an attempted coup that now apparently not only involved violent right-wing extremists from across the country, but also Republican officials who swore an oath to “support and oppose the United States Constitution defend”. all enemies, foreign and domestic. ”

The identification process was started with jump start Rolling Stone‘s exclusive report, released Monday, revealed that Congressional investigators were dealing with two Aug. 6 planners.Stop the theft“In which former President Donald Trump called on insurgents to storm the Capitol. These planners announced to the committee that they were having meetings with members or staff of the House of Representatives when planning rallies to protest the results of the 2020 election.

“This is the first report in which the committee hears important new allegations from potential cooperating witnesses,” said Rolling Stone, in his report of interviews with two of the protest planners on Jan. 6. “Although there has been previous evidence that members of Congress were involved, this is also the first report to describe their alleged role and scope.”

The planners identified Marjorie Taylor Greene, the Georgia Republican, as one of the members they had conspired with, along with Republican officials and staff from the offices of nearly a dozen other members. Other House Republicans involved in the conspiracy in person or through assigned agents reportedly included Republican MPs Paul Gosar of Arizona, Lauren Boebert of Colorado, Mo Brooks of Alabama, Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina, Andy Biggs of Arizona, and Louie Gohmert from Texas.

“The two sources also claim they interacted with members of Trump’s team, including former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, whom they describe had the ability to prevent the violence,” the report said.

This is more than enough information to compel the January 6th Committee and House Ethics Committee to immediately investigate the allegations against these members to confirm their involvement in planning the insurrection. If there is evidence of seditious activity, members should be expelled in accordance with House rules Section 3 or the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution. The section is explicit and unambiguous in that it says:

No person may be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or President-elect or Vice-President, or hold any civil or military office under the United States or under any state that has previously taken an oath as a member of Congress or as an official of the United States to enforce the Constitution To support the United States, take part in insurrections or rebellions against it, or give aid or comfort to its enemies. However, Congress can remove such obstruction by a two-thirds majority of each House.

This section of the Constitution was written after the Civil War to disqualify supporters of the Confederate rebellion against the United States. But it can also serve as a basis for the exclusion of rebellious members of the House of Representatives, such as the MP Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (DN.Y.) Suggested Monday. “Any member of Congress who helped plan a terrorist attack on the capital of our nation must be expelled,” said Ocasio-Cortez. “That was a terrorist attack. 138 injured, almost 10 dead. Those responsible remain a threat to our democracy, our country and human life in the vicinity of our Capitol and beyond. ”

The vehicle for expulsion already exists, thanks to MP Cori Bush (D-Mo.), Who backed a law in January to hold accountable any House Republican who supported what was then called the “white suprematist coup” designated. Bush did not get the support of the Democratic leaders in the House of Representatives. But she spoke the truth about the motivations of the coup plotters; now even President Biden repeats their language and says, “The violent, deadly uprising on the Capitol nine months ago was, in my opinion, about white supremacy.” And she outlined the only appropriate response to her accomplices in Congress.

“The actions of Republican lawmakers who tried to overturn the valid results of the 2020 elections must not only be strongly condemned, but I believe that the members who tried to incapacitate the voters and instigate this violence , must be removed from Congress. “Bush said of the resolution. It instructs “the Ethics Committee to investigate and issue a report as to whether any and all actions by members of the 117 House of Representatives should face sanctions, including removal from the House.”

Bush’s resolution that tightened 54 co-sponsors, be adopted with a simple majority of votes. That can boost the ethics committee’s investigation. It can also signal electoral officials in states across the country that members who have participated in rioting must be banned from voting in 2022.

The Freedom of Expression Group has contacted foreign ministers and other electoral officials to inform them that Section 3 of Amendment 14 disqualifies “elected officials who have given help or comfort to insurgents”. According to constitutional lawyer John Bonifaz, the group’s president, the hope is that state officials will exclude agitators from voting in 2022 and 2024.

Congressional support for the Cori Bush resolution serves a twofold purpose. It can and should result in the expulsion of all members who supported the insurrection. It also formally identifies rioters who should be excluded from voting.

This is not a time for forgiving and forgetting politics. Congressmen, Democrats, and responsible Republicans must have the courage to face those who have invited deadly violence to the United States Capitol.

Bush is ready. “My determination to investigate and expel the congressmen who instigated the deadly uprising in our Capitol is just waiting for a vote.” she said. “It is inexcusable to wait any longer.”


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