Everything you need to know about the California recall

As such, the GOP has seized the recall as perhaps the best opportunity in a generation to deal a blow to the Democrats in one of the bluest states in the nation.

This year’s recall also takes place a few weeks earlier, as the 2003 competition took place on October 7th.

When will the decision be made?

That is an open question given the widespread use of postal voting in California, and it depends on how close the results are.

Davis admitted to Schwarzenegger on the night of the recall, and the results were officially confirmed more than a month later. Schwarzenegger was inaugurated on November 17, 2003.

Republicans in California and elsewhere have also become more skeptical about the integrity of the American election over the past year, and potential legal challenges if the results of the recall actions are relatively close could be an aggravating factor that lengthens the process.

What did the courts say?

The judicial system has not only given recall applicants additional time to collect signatures, but has also set the ground rules for the September elections. Judge James P. Arguelles ruled against Newsom in July after the governor tried to list his Democratic Party affiliation next to his name on the recall ballot.

A 2019 law signed by Newsom allows elected officials on trial to list their party affiliations, but the Newsom team missed the window of opportunity and challenged the law in search of a workaround.

Elder went to court to secure his spot on the ballot after California election officials tried to disqualify him for editing tax documents he submitted as part of his candidacy. A judge ruled that the foreign minister was abusing a law for governor candidates in a “direct area code” – but no special competitions such as dismissal.

And at the end of August, US District Judge Michael W. Fitzgerald rejected a motion to block the election for constitutional reasons, against which the plaintiffs immediately appealed.

What will it cost?

The California Treasury Department in early July estimated the administrative cost of the recall to be about $ 275 million.

Jeremy B. White contributed to this report.

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