Ex of Madeleine McCann prime suspect Christian Brueckner says she slept in 'kidnap' van

According to authorities in Germany, Christian Brueckner, 44, could have snatched the British youngster with a yellow and white Volkswagen T3 Westfalia from a holiday home in Praia du Luz, Portugal

The authorities released this picture and information about the van last year (

Image: via REUTERS)

A former friend of the prime suspect in the Madeleine McCann case said she slept in the van because police believe she may have kidnapped the child.

According to authorities in Germany, Christian Brueckner, 44, could have kidnapped the British youngster in 2007 from a holiday home in Praia du Luz, Portugal.

The convicted rapist, currently serving a prison term, was outed by investigators in the media last year when it was revealed that he may have used a trailer in the alleged abduction.

The public prosecutor’s office published photos of the vehicle that Brueckner was driving at the time and that they allegedly used to kidnap Madeleine.

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Brueckner is currently serving a prison sentence for an independent crime



And the suspect’s ex-partner, Nuray Özgen, 52, now said when she saw these pictures that she had spent the evenings in the yellow and white Volkswagen T3 Westfalia.

She said that Post on Sunday : “He used to sleep inside. At that time I just thought that he was very poor. Sometimes I stayed with him in the motorhome.”

Ms. Özgen and Brückner were together for about three months in 2012 before he became interested in swing and young girls, she said, and they separated.

And she has now said that she believes her former lover might be able to get Madeleine – known as Maddie – out of an apartment while her parents were eating nearby.

“I think it’s possible because Brückner had two sides, two faces,” said Ms. Özgen. “He had an evil and aggressive side to him.”

Brueckner’s lawyers firmly deny that he was involved in Maddie’s disappearance.

Maddie disappeared in 2007



He was reportedly not even questioned at the time of the kid’s disappearance because he was not home when the police called.

He lived in the Algarve, not far from the resort where the McCanns lived.

Brückner returned to Germany shortly afterwards, but it later emerged that he had used a cell phone near the family’s holiday home the night Maddie disappeared.

The German police began an investigation into the infamous case in 2019.

In May of this year, Brueckner made his first comment on the case and branded the investigation against him in a letter from his cell as “scandalous”.

He said prosecutors “shamed the legal system”.

He refuses to speak to the police or investigators about the case.

Operation Grange – the Met Police name for finding Maddie – has now cost taxpayers £ 12.5 million since it started in 2011.

Commissioner Cressida Dick previously said the search would continue until “there is nothing left to do”.

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