Ex-Tory leader allegedly beaten with traffic cone at party conference

Iain Duncan Smith, a former UK Conservative Party leader, was reportedly attacked Monday after being hit on the head with a traffic cone.

According to Spectator, Duncan Smith was on the way to a Brexit talks on the sidelines of the Manchester party conference when he was followed by a group that attacked him. Greater Manchester police said three men and two women had been arrested Independent reported.

Duncan Smith said that viewers that “for half a second I wanted to go upstairs and hit them, I went forward and they all backed away – I nearly passed out, lost my rag.”

He added that “They smashed the cone on the back of my head, so I turned and grabbed the cone and looked at her and I took a step towards her and they backed away. I threw the cone on the floor, said ‘pathetic’, turned and walked away. They were incoherent, they were stupid. “

The annual Conservative Party meeting, which began in Manchester over the weekend, lasts until the middle of the week.


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