Excluded school girl told her trousers showed off too much ankle

A school girl was disfellowshipped after she was told that her pants are showing her ankles and “distracting for other students and teachers.”

The dispute over uniform rules has erupted at the John Smeaton Academy in Leeds, West Yorkshire, which today insisted that it “make no excuses” for having “the highest standards in all areas of school life”.

Olivia Harrison, 13, said she was instructed by a staff member Monday lunchtime to retrieve spare trousers and socks from lost property after showing too much meat and violating strict uniform rules.

Olivia told the story Leeds Live: “[The staff member] She said I had to change my pants and socks because you could see my ankles and she said it distracted other students and teachers.

“I said, ‘Are you saying they’re getting turned on?’ and [the staff member] said, ‘Well, I wouldn’t put it that way.’

“She said my pants show my figure too much too.”

Olivia, a 9th grade student from Leeds, said she was told to go into isolation after objecting to being told to change into lost and found clothes.

When she refused, she said she was disfellowshipped for two days and sent home, with another three days in isolation after returning to school on Thursday.

Olivia’s mother, Karen Harrison, said several students had broken standard rules since The Gorse Academies Trust took over the school at the beginning of the semester.

She said: “It’s gotten really bad in the last two weeks. Olivia’s pants are from Debenhams, she wore them before without any problems.

“Now I have to order more pants. They should be more interested in education and not in what the students are wearing.”

Karen said she tried contacting the school several times, but without success.

A spokesman for The Grove Academies Trust said: “We have the highest standards in all areas of school life, be it in the classroom, for behavior and for uniform.

“We do not apologize for this and are pleased that the majority of students adhere to these standards.

“However, where the students don’t meet them, we have clear guidelines.

“We do not comment on individual cases, but can say that we have not received a parental complaint in this regard.”

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