Exclusive Galaxy Buds Pro from Samsung and Adidas

Samsung joins forces with Adidas to increase the appeal of its latest wireless headset. In this initiative, the company also emphasizes its “environmentally friendly” aspect. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Adidas Original Special Pack, which will be sold in South Korea, comes with a green stripe on white.

The charging case on this particular headset looks pretty cool too. The tote bag looks like a small hat with the Adidas logo on the green flap. For the headset in the box, users get black, silver, and violet-purple color options. There is no Adidas logo on the headphone buds. There is also a coupon in the box that can be used to purchase Stan Smith.

When users pair the headset with a Galaxy phone, the lock screen, icons, messages and call screens unlock a special Adidas Originals theme. The carrying case was said to be made from recycled plastic, while the headset was made from 20 percent recycled material.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Adidas Original Special Pack will be available on April 7. The price tag of the headset, which will only sell 6 thousand units, will write 279 thousand won.

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