Expel Josh Hawley

If the impossible task of defending Donald Trump on his impeachment trial in the Senate were to fall on me, I’d simply point out Josh Hawley’s presence on the jury. Then I would rest my case.

If Trump’s greatest accomplice in inciting the January 6 uprising is allowed to continue serving in the Chamber, the cynical argument would be: How can senators seriously argue that the 45th President should be held accountable?

Needless to say, I am not going to do this or any other defense for Donald Trump. I cannot seriously recommend letting the ashamed former president off the hook. You have it on tape– and on Twitter – inciting the violent mob that invaded the U.S. Capitol to scrap the 2020 election results. Trump is guilty of the high crime he has been charged with. He must be condemned by the Senate and excluded from renewed public office.

Still, the Hawley riddle remains. He is just as guilty as Trump and just as responsible for what happened on January 6th.

“But it wouldn’t have happened to him,” said former Missouri Senator John Danforth, a Republican who helped kick-start his fellow Missourian’s career. says of Hawley’s role in the Capitol Invasion. “But for him, approving the votes of the electoral college would have been just a formality. He managed, in a certain way, to express the view that the election was stolen. He was responsible. ”

Hawley’s colleagues have a duty to deal with the Missourian’s incitement to insurrection as the Senate prepares for Trump’s impeachment trial, due to begin the week of February 8th. This is about much more than just partiality. Senators who are intellectually honest must realize that Trump wasn’t the only prominent Republican who started the deadly uprising that disrupted the certification of the electoral college’s votes. He had accomplices. And the worst of these accomplices is among them.

While Trump was encouraging the rioters who attacked the Capitol, the St. Louis Post Dispatch reminds usHawley initiated and directed the interruption effort [the process]and the protesters followed his lead. “The Missouri paper states that the senator” did everything possible to promote the insurrection. Hawley’s website on the day the chaos erupted was headlined “JOIN ME AND PRESIDENT TRUMP” in bold letters. Stand up now for the integrity of the American elections! “


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