Expert explains what will happen first if there is an October lockdown

An expert has revealed what the most likely first steps will be if the government decides to put a lockdown in October.

There are fears that a two-week lockdown will be required for a “firebreak” as over 6,000 people with Covid infections are already in hospital in England.

The number is likely to rise after the kids get back to school and when we go into the winter and flu season.

The number is already significantly higher than at that time last year.

According to i, the government has a contingency plan for an October lockdown that could include shutting down shops and businesses.

The government has denied that it is already planning a lockdown but says it will take all necessary measures.

There could be a return to wearing masks in pubs and shops, as well as an order to return to work.

The government plans to extend the coronavirus legislation, which will allow the lockdown rules to be enforced.

Reducing the gathering size is likely the first step in the event a fire lock should be considered in October, an expert said.

Dr. Mike Tildesley also told BBC Radio 4’s Today program that school closings were not a priority if a brief lockdown was considered.

“Schools would not be high on the list of things we would consider closing them in this scenario,” he said.

Dr. Tildesley, professor of infectious disease modeling at the University of Warwick, added that “monitoring the data is really important” when kids go back to school.

“It’s not just kids in the classroom, it means to people that kids are going back to school,” he said.

When students are back in class, more parents will be back to work, which Dr. Tildesley could also have an impact on government decisions when people return to the offices.

It should be borne in mind that outside of the pandemic, “hospital admissions will increase in the fall anyway,” he added.

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