Expert explains when to change your euros to pounds sterling before your holiday

A number of countries in Europe have announced that they will be welcoming tourists again this summer.

Spain will reopen its borders to tourists who will get covid vaccinations from June.

Meanwhile, Portugal has confirmed that restrictions on UK vacationers will be relaxed by mid-May, and Greece has also received the green light for summer travel.

England Secretary of Transport Grant Shapps said the domestic data “continues to look good” to allow limited international travel from May 17 at the earliest.

The news means UK vacationers may be able to flee abroad sooner than expected.

With that in mind, we decided to speak to the experts and give you the best tips on when exactly to get your vacation expenses in order.

The euro is one of the most popular currencies in the world and the official currency in countries preparing to reopen, including Greece, Spain and Portugal.

When do you buy your euros?

  • Don’t change your money at the airport at the last minute. The prices are generally much less than the online or high street alternatives. Therefore, preparation is vital.
  • If you act on the spur of the moment, book a last minute break and need to pick up your Euros on the day of departure, try to order them for pick up before your travel date to get the best possible prices.

How to get the best prices

  • For the best prices, take out a travel credit card now. It doesn’t entirely replace having the currency in hand when you land, but once you get there you can use it to spend or withdraw from an ATM for free.

James Andrews, senior personal finance editor at, said: “While this news will be positive for those of us who long to get on a plane and enjoy the much-needed sunshine, those of us should Want to exchange currency, stay cautious for now.

“The government has yet to give final confirmation that residents will be able to travel on foreign holidays from May 17th, so any hasty decision to buy euros before that date could result in disappointment or unnecessary financial loss.

“Besides that, once our planned summer trips have officially given the go-ahead, there are ways to ensure that you can stretch your summer money as much as possible.”

Where can you best buy euros?

A number of comparison sites allow you to find the best exchange rates for euros.

Money supermarket offer comparisons of travel money and foreign currency through their sister site Currency Online Group, which also offer next day deliveries.

Meanwhile, Asda money Home delivery is free on orders over £ 500.

Travelex offers home delivery on orders over £ 600 Collect your order in one of their 50 stores across the UK – check out theirs Shops here.

M&S Bank offers pick-up from its branches on the same day Orders before 4 p.m.


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