Expert shares tips on job-hunting amid pandemic

Most people in the UK don’t believe they will get a job as the pandemic is causing a drop in self-esteem, according to new research.

The job search survey Indeedexamined the state of mind of 2,000 people looking for work across the UK. 51 percent said they don’t believe there is work for them and 52 percent doubt that they will ever be successful.

The survey found that two-fifths (40 percent) of unemployed job seekers rate their self-confidence as low and almost two-thirds (63 percent) feel unsafe when searching for and applying.

In response to this new finding, the construction site has partnered with Shaw Trust, a charity that helps disadvantaged unemployed people, to host a series of free online events Job search workshopsto fight unemployment and boost job seekers’ self-confidence.

The sessions offer meaningful advice on how to overcome low self-esteem, as well as practical tips on finding a job, writing résumés and applying for jobs.

Ben Powell of Northampton was fired from his role as call center manager in June 2020 due to the impact of the impact of Covid on the business.

As with many others, the 45-year-old’s unemployment came as no surprise, but it still took a toll on him.

In fact, the results also showed that nearly half of unemployed job seekers feel that the longer they stay unemployed the longer they are unemployed, which Mr Powell has witnessed firsthand.

He said, “I applied for numerous positions and secured five interviews in the months that followed. However, it proved difficult to get close to success only to hit the post at the final hurdle. “

“The longer I was unemployed, the more my self-confidence suffered. Most of the time I haven’t received any feedback and this is even more frustrating as you wonder where you went wrong and you start to doubt yourself and your abilities. “

With the support of Shaw Trust, Mr. Powell secured a temporary position at Morrisons, which has now resulted in an ongoing leadership role with the retailer.

“The twists and turns in the current job market can be difficult to deal with, and it is difficult to have the confidence and confidence to recover from numerous rejections. But remember, you are not alone. “

“My advice to anyone looking for a job at the moment is to be open to change and to be flexible. If you believe in yourself and have the right mindset to move on, you will stay on track and will be able to get through these difficult times. “

The charity’s chief of staff and ambassador of trust, Renata Graver, has been helping people find work for more than seven years and says she has seen the difference a person’s confidence and self-esteem can make in looking for a job.

“At a time when so many people are struggling to find work and change careers, staying focused and recovering when you take a hit is crucial.

“I know from personal experience that it is difficult to move on when your self-esteem is low. But the more trust you have in yourself, the better your chance of success.”

“I’ve seen it over and over again when I’ve worked with people who’d given up hope before we helped them identify their own worth.” It starts with confidence but can lead to a new career, a fresh start, and a whole new life for them and their families. “

Chris Hyams, CEO of Indeed, said, “Covid-19 has turned the job market upside down and finding work can now feel challenging. With fewer opportunities due to the pandemic, many people have suffered a confidence surge and have felt they don’t know where to turn next in their job search.

“For those in trouble, Indeed is here to help. So we’re excited to announce our partnership with Shaw Trust and a program of free activities hosted by the new Ambassador of Trust.”

“These sessions are designed to help people from different backgrounds navigate these challenging times, regain their confidence, and get them back on their feet and into work.”

Meanwhile, Renata Graver has provided some advice on tackling job hunting during the pandemic.

1. Set up a routine

Make your job search day like a work day has important tasks and scheduled breaks connected to it. This will help your day feel predictable, productive, and consistent, and will put you in the best position to be in control of your job search.

2. Keep talking to others

Job hunting can create challenging emotions, fears, and limiting beliefs that can keep you up at night.

Simply talking things over with another person can be an effective way to process it all.

If necessary, get in touch with a trusted friend, family member, or healthcare professional who can direct you to appropriate assistance.

3. Be open

No matter how long you’ve been looking for a new job, if you keep an open mind, you’ll make good progress.

Current job market is tough, so you may need to consider vacancies that are not on your radar during normal times.

Think about how your experience and skills could be applied in another industry, be realistic about where the job opportunities are, and expand your options. In the long run, changing industries can improve your overall skills and experience.

4. Think positive thoughts

Try to put aside the negative thoughts running around in your head and replace them with positive affirmations. Remember, you have the skills that are useful to employers, that you are good enough, and that you can add value to any employer.


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