Expert 'very concerned' about people mixing due to variant

A leading vaccine expert said he was “very concerned” about people mingling because of “uncertainties” about the Indian variant of Covid-19 coronavirus.

Professor Adam Finn of the Joint Vaccination and Immunization Committee (JCVI) told Sky News that strategically this may not be the best time to start vaccinating younger age groups.

The Bristol University professor who heads the Bristol Children’s Vaccine Center said he understood London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s desire for flexibility in vaccinating younger age groups, but said, “The two problems with this are that we are first and foremost me I’m really not entirely sure how well the vaccines will interrupt transmission, especially with this new variant.

“We know they protect people from disease, and we can capture that and use it as a strategy.

“The other thing is that after an initial dose of these vaccines, it takes at least two to three weeks for that protection to come into being. So what you do now won’t have much of an impact on what happens in the next few weeks.

“For those two reasons, we need to think strategically about what to do with the vaccine doses we are currently receiving across the country over the next two weeks to minimize the likelihood that this new variant will cause a very large third wave. “

When asked how concerned he was about the easing of restrictions for today, he said, “I have consistently said over the weekend that given the uncertainties surrounding portability, I am very concerned about mixing people up with the new at this particular time Variation is actually quite risky.

“Certainly on a personal level, although I do not influence politics in any way, I advise my family and friends to continue to contact each other very carefully until we are clearer about what exactly will happen with this variant in the next two or more three weeks. “


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