Experts unveil unusual popular baby names so far in 2021

A baby name portal has published the best tips of the year so far based on the names parents see on their website.

The Nameberry diagram shows the names that parents-to-be are now thinking about in real time.

Based on their own popularity ranking, the site has shared the boy and girl names parents currently love in the UK.

They stated that “cool micro names” like Luna and Arlo “are big winners in English-speaking countries and much of Europe,” reports The mirror.

In addition to sharing the lists, Nameberry shared some predictions for baby name trends that we’re likely to see across Europe this year.

This included “old” names for boys like Atlas, Rufus, and Severus, as well as fashionable Latin American favorites like Aurora for girls.

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The most popular names in the UK according to Nameberry for 2021 …

Maiden names

1. Luna

2. Ophelia

3. Elodie

4. Iris

5. Maeve

Boy names

1. Arlo

2nd Oscar

3. Hugo

4. Albie

5. Atticus


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