External USB Slim Recorders Comparison

Portable mobility has always been a hot topic for most users. We all want portable devices that make our lives easier especially when you need to store your important data on them. While storage has shifted a different root from optical storage, there are many users who want an external optical drive (USB powered) for those last minute backups.

With the recent revision of the HLDS PortableDVD bringing a new proposal to market for 2020-2021, we searched around Amazon to see what other solutions are available to users. To our surprise, we found that many discs were sold with very good user feedback, mainly from unknown manufacturers, so we had to find out what users can expect from the so-called “popula / best sellers” external USB recorders. We have ordered many drives from Amazon.com with the intention of seeing what this is all about and testing them properly as we know and trust. After several days, we had 8 external USB devices in our labs to test, compare and decide which one is the best and which one to trust and buy.

Let’s meet our participants and we start with the Haiway external ODD & HDD device

The first disc we bought is named HAIWAY and has no product number. We liked the white plastic bowl. The connection cable (USB3.0 cable) is located at the bottom of the case, making it convenient for traveling warriors not to have to drag or disconnect extra cables.

External USB Slim Recorders Comparison 1

Opening the disk gives us an idea of ​​the internal thin disk in use. In our case, the Haiway external ODD & HDD device is based on the TSSTcorp TS-633C optical disk drive and manufactured …. July 2010.

External USB Slim Recorders Comparison 2

External USB Slim Recorders Comparison 3

The SATA-> USB cable adapter is used in most other Chinese external drive enclosures. The main chipset is the Initio Corporation INIC-1618LReading the product specification paper “….The INIC-1618 provides an advanced solution to connect SATA devices to a USB host with integrated CPU and built-in SRAM / ROM. To provide high quality and cost effective solutions, INIC-1618 integrates USB-PHY, Mass Storage Class Bulk-Only USB function, SATA link / PHY core and microprocessor in a single ASIC. The INIC-1618 offers a data transfer rate of up to 60MB / sec when connected to a 1.5G SATA interface. Compatible with USB 1.1 and USB 2.0

External USB Slim Recorders Comparison 4

This bridge chip only supports USB 2.0, so to promote the drive as “USB3.0” they just added a “USB 3.0 cable“in that circuit board …

External USB Slim Recorders Comparison 5

By connecting the drive to the PC, we can see more details about the drive itself. The installed firmware is TF20 and even when we searched the internet we couldn’t find any “newer” firmware. The FirmwareHQ has several other firmware, but we’re not sure it can be used even if all of them are older than our drive.

As expected, the HAIWAY brand name returns nothing through www.google.com, so you won’t get much support either, just direct from the Amazon seller.

External USB Slim Recorders Comparison 6

As expected, despite the drive being advertised as USB3.0 (and having the accompanying cable), it is actually connected to USB2.0 (high speed).

External USB Slim Recorders Comparison 7

With the help of the latest EAC (Exact Audio Copy) software, we are able to detect important disc functions, especially with regard to ripping audio CDs. The disc appears to support C2 error information and does not store audio, which will result in faster ripping speeds.

External USB Slim Recorders Comparison 8

The drive supports scanning for C1 / C2 and PIE / PIF errors with OptiDriveControl and other similar software.

External USB Slim Recorders Comparison 9

We found the product specifications on the internet, mainly for the internal drive (the TSSTcrop TS-L633C)

System interface
Speed ​​of data transfer (Burst) 135 MBps max.
CD Key: insert “Max X” speed for each medium below. For CD 1X = 150 KB / s; DVD 1X = 1350 kB / s; BD 1x = 4.5 MB / s
Read 24 x max. CAV
Digital Audio Extraction (DAE) 24 x max. CAV
Write CD-R 24 x max. CAV
Write CD-RW High speed: 10 x CLV
Ultra speed: 24 x ZCLV
Read (single layer / double or double layer) 8 x max. CAV
Write DVD +/- R 8 x max. CAV
Write DVD + R double layer 6 x max. PCAV
Write DVD RAM 5 x max. PCAV
Write DVD + RW 8 x max. ZCLV
Write DVD-RW 6 x max. ZCLV
Energy consumption Typical Stand-by 60 mA
Sleep 20 mA
Worst case (active) 950 mA
Acoustic noise In operation (sound pressure level, typical) Less than 45 dBA at 0.25 m from the ring and at a height of 0.45 m
Power supply Voltage +5 V +/- 5% ripple less than 100 mVp-p
Temperature Operating ° C (° F) 5 ° C to 50 ° C (41 F to 122 F)
Not operating ° C (° F) -40 ° C to 65 ° C (-40 F to 149 F)
Relative humidity In operation (no condensation) 15% to 85%
Not in use (no condensation, switched off, without disc) 10% to 90%
Height Operating m (ft) -200 m to 3,048 m
MTBF: 150,000 power-on hours (POH)
Dimensions and weight
Width mm (in) 128 mm
Depth mm (in) 127 mm
Height mm (in) 12.7 mm
Weight g About 170 g

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