Extinction Rebellion stage naked protest outside banks

Extinction Rebellion activists have staged a series of naked protests in the City of London to encourage banks to sever ties with fossil fuel companies.

Protesters took off their birthday suits and wore “Stop Funding Death”, “Moral Bankrupt” and “Blood Money” on their chests as they stood at the entrance of the HSBC.

Other shots show brazen activists standing in front of the Barclays Bank in the heart of the capital with the group’s logo on their buttocks.

Shocked customers were seen leaving their local branch to be greeted by the naked men and women with the banner “We are all at risk”.

Extinction Rebellion hopes that saying goodbye to their clothes would encourage banks to abandon their fossil fuel company deals.

Ipswich protester Jasper Bailey, 24, said: “I was scared of being naked in public, but I’m even more scared of climate change.

“Every year brings terrible new predictions for the earth’s climate, and every year we see even worse scenarios before our eyes.

“We can no longer fool ourselves that the climate crisis only affects future generations.

“In the past few weeks we’ve seen the climate collapse before our eyes in an unprecedented series of terrible heat waves, fires and floods.”

Jenny Langley from Cambridge said, “I’m 65 and my generation has done terrible damage to our planet.

“The future for my innocent grandchildren is dire and I am amazed that our banks continue to knowingly pour our money into the fossil fuels that are destroying our planet.

“I can’t just stand by and watch this happen.

“I refuse to hand over a barren and broken planet to future generations.”

This morning (Fri 03/09) around 500 Extinction Rebellion demonstrators were arrested in London as they took part in their two-week “Impossible Rebellion”, during which some activists stuck to structures.

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