‘Extraordinary change’: How coronavirus is rewiring the Republican and Democratic parties

The fact that the parties come together on important laws is in itself a remarkable turn from the intransigence that Washington has defined since Trump won the election in 2016 and the Democrats regained control of the house two years later. Joe Lieberman, the former Senator from Connecticut, described the current landscape in Washington as “extremely partisan time, ideologically divided time in our government – unfortunately worse than 2008 and 2009”.

Still, Republicans and Democrats “come together to get things done,” he said, adding, “if it works – I hope and believe if they do it fast enough – there may not be a dominant opposite.” Reaction among Democrats or Republicans left or right. “

However, the pandemic has already encouraged Democrats’ demands for more comprehensive health care and employee benefits. The crisis has exposed not only deficiencies in the national health care system, but also the precarious financial situation of Americans. Pension accounts have been devastated and unemployment claims are increasing.

David Pepper, chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party, said the pandemic had shown “only that the current state of affairs is leaving so many Americans on the brink of disaster, and we’ve heard these studies for years.”

“That only confirms this,” he said. “It shows you the unstable status quo we live in to get started … This could change politics for a long time.”

Progressive Democrats, expecting a recession and high unemployment rate, are preparing to use the coronavirus pandemic to pull their party left in economic policy and are trying to expand support for a Green New Deal to that Boost employment while decarbonizing the economy. And they are watching party leaders closely as they negotiate the bailout package – calling for restrictions on companies receiving federal aid and guarantees for the working class.

Charles Chamberlain, chairman of the Democratic for America Liberal Political Action Committee, said: “We are at a moment when one of the long-term effects of the corona virus is likely to be a complete restructuring of our economy.”

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