Face of Reynhard Sinaga after BBC Catching A Predator rapist was beaten by brave victim

This is the face of Britain’s worst rapist ever – after being hit by a victim who woke up DURING the ordeal.

The depraved Reynhard Sinaga lured the victims back to his apartment in Manchester, where he raped them.

He was found to have hundreds of victims when he was imprisoned after his brutal attack.

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His victim stood up valiantly against him before he was jailed for his heinous crimes in 2020.

Now BBC Two is about to air a new documentary film, Catching a Predator, about its terrible catalog of abuse.

He attacked more than 200 men, many of whom were lured home on the pretext of using a cell phone charger.

He would target victims outside his apartment in Manchester city center on Princess Street.

The student had arrived in the UK in 2007.

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The victim responsible for showing the depraved rapist to the police tells the documentary about his trauma.

A phone call to the police heard him say, “Hello, I was just out last night and then a guy took me to his house that I don’t want to take me to and won’t let me out of his house. and he finally tried to rape me.

“I tried to push him away, I have blood on me because I tried to hit him to get away from me.

“He trapped me in his house for most of the night.

“I had to, I know it’s violent, but I had to hit him a couple of times just to keep him from attacking me, lying on top of me.

“I had to. I have blood on my hand if you wanna see it Cut, I think he might be arrested, so you might have to call an ambulance because I had to hit him a couple of times to get him away from me. “

Commenting on the attack, another victim said, “You can see that I am in a coma. I look dead It’s awful to see.

“I was on a couch, fully clothed, when I woke up. I couldn’t remember anything.

“Then I saw someone walking around and I froze. I couldn’t explain to my partner where I had been.

“I never thought of reporting it to the police. To say as a man that I was raped is a tough thing.

“It makes you feel so vulnerable.”

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