Facebook Already Uses Meta Name In Its Headquarters And On Social Networks

facebook: This Thursday (28) facebook has finally announced the new name of the parent company: “Meta”. According to CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg, the inspiration for the name comes from the eponymous Greek word, meaning “beyond” — referring to the company’s new intentions for its products targeting the “metaverse,” or a virtual world on the Internet. Without delay, the Social Networks Giant has already changed its visual identity, both at headquarters and in online media.

The company’s new logo features the use of a modern blue “M” letter, almost in the shape of a pretzel, as the Verge website points out. The visual identity replaces the famous “like” symbol, popularly known as “joinha”, which once represented Facebooks vision of interaction between users on social networks.

This transition can be seen at: Facebooks headquarters in Menlo Park (California, USA), just minutes from Facebooks official announcement. The famous sign with the spelling “1 Hacker Way”, accompanied by the retired “joinha”, took on the new visual identity and quickly attracted curious glances from passers-by.

Despite the visual change, facebook seems to want to remember some lessons from the past. The back of the new logo plate still bears the old Sun Microsystems brand, the former tenant of the company’s current headquarters. As early as 2014, the Times website commented on the decision: “The old board stands as a reminder of what happens when you get distracted in the game” — something Zuckerberg may have adopted.

Dispute on username? Better not!

In addition to the changes in the headquarters, facebook also adopted the new look on his social networks and even on his website. Interestingly, while the company’s digital presence is stronger and fresher than ever, the Instagram profile couldn’t be simplified to “@meta” because it belongs to a different user. For this reason it was necessary to adopt the “@wearemeta”, or “we are Meta”, in free translation in Portuguese.

Focusing on the new goals, Zuckerberg said what the change means for him: “It symbolizes that there is always more to be built and that there is always a next chapter in history,” he explains optimistically, despite the turbulent time ahead. business.

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