Facebook and Instagram go DOWN again for second time in week

Instagram and Facebook appear to have gone down for the second time in a week, as Downdetector received 17,273 for the former and 765 for the latter in the last hour

Facebook went down for the second time in a week (

Image: AFP via Getty Images)

Facebook and Instagram failed across the board for the second time in just one week.

There were 17,273 reports of malfunctions for Instagram around 7:30 p.m. UK time, according to Downdetector, which monitors the status of some of the most visited websites in the world.

More than half (58%) had anything to do with the app, while 23% had to do with server connection issues.

Facebook also appears to be down for some users as Downdetector has received 765 reports.

Up to 60% were related to problems accessing the website, while 24% were related to the app.

Right now, WhatsApp users don’t seem to be having as many problems as they are with Facebook and Instagram, but reports have climbed to 141 in the last hour.

There have been more than 17,000 reports of Instagram malfunctions in the past hour


AFP via Getty Images)

It comes after a seven hour global outage on Monday that resulted in billions of users unable to access their favorite communication and social media channels.

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were all down, with Mark Zuckerberg’s company apologizing for the disruption that caused the social giant’s shares to drop shockingly nearly 5%.

While the platform was inaccessible, Facebook users kept seeing an error page or a message that their browser could not connect.

WhatsApp and Instagram users were able to access the apps but were unable to see any new content, including any messages sent or received.

WhatsApp Web, the desktop version of the messaging app, didn’t seem to load on computers either.

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