Facebook Business: What Is It And How To Use The Manager?

Facebook Business: With a full suite of features for Instagram and Facebook, Facebook Business (or “Facebook for Business” in free translation) is a virtually indispensable tool for business pages and profiles on both platforms. Here you can monitor metrics such as user interactions in publications, demographic reach statistics and direct messaging in an intuitive interface, making life easier for content producers.

Among the various functions of Facebook Business, there is the possibility to create personalized advertisements according to the desired target audience. The tool can be used as a powerful catalyst for increasing metrics ranging from interactions to closing sales, making a difference in the growth and billing process of small and large businesses.

To help the user, TecMundo has created a complete guide for those who want to take their first steps in creating Facebook ads. Check it out below.

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Create a Facebook Business account

To work: Facebook Business, you must have an account on the platform and register a name for the company or page to be managed, as well as a professional email address.

This step is automatic for users who already have a Facebook Page or Instagram account associated with a business profile. In either case, the process is quick and free. Register by clicking here.

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