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Facebook curtails misleading posts, live video as election misinformation spreads

At White House’s urging, Republicans launch anti-tech blitz ahead of election

“As the vote count continues, we are seeing more reports of inaccurate claims about the election,” Facebook said in a statement. “While many of these claims have low engagement on our platform, we are taking additional temporary steps that we discussed earlier to prevent this content from reaching more people.”

President Donald Trump and his allies have made unsubstantiated allegations of polling fraud and inappropriate behavior at polling stations in an attempt to convince the public that his election is being stolen. These messages were then reinforced in both posts and videos by conservative influencers and supporters. who then organized offline protests in some cases.

Misinformation researchers say livestream videos have been a blind spot for large internet companies, partly because they are more difficult to review with artificial intelligence software and therefore more difficult to moderate to mass.

Renée DiResta, director of technical research at Stanford Internet Observatory, said some conservative influencers use live video to spread conspiracy theories and anger supporters. Others use misleading editing of live video to make a protest or interaction with election officials appear as evidence of an unsubstantiated narrative.

“Certain types of content, or certain types of conspiratorial allegations, when given only on a live stream, is very difficult to moderate in real time,” DiResta said.

Before the election, Facebook prepped itself with a number of policies and tools to combat disinformation related to elections, including a banner message at the top of user profiles to let them know that the ballots were still pending and a number of labels They clap can make false claims of fraud or prematurely name a winner. These banner messages will display the projected winner’s name once the race is viewed by reputable news outlets, Facebook said.

Despite these efforts, misleading claims continue to pile up on the platform. And while some such posts have low engagement, Others, posted by Trump and conservative brands, have been some of the most popular and most shared content on the social network in recent days.



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