Facebook improves personal data management in update

On Tuesday (12), Facebook began releasing an update that should make managing personal data on its platform easier and more intuitive. Mark Zuckerberg’s social network has added a new tool called “Access Your Information” that brings together and organizes the various privacy and data usage tabs from the previous version. The move prioritizes transparency and information control in response to new requirements proposed by the Apple App Store.

It is now possible to analyze the user’s personal data in eight categories: “Your Facebook activity”; “Personal data”; “Friends and Followers”; “Recorded Information”; “Security and Login Information”; “Apps and Sites Outside of Facebook” and “Ads and Preferences Information”. In each section, it is possible to find specific subcategories for each type of information, in addition to the option to delete them, based on personal preference.

Facebook’s move is in response to the new requirements of the App Store, which now calls for a detailed list of data collected from users in apps like Zuckerberg’s social network. Soon, Apple is also expected to allow apps in this category to get direct user consent before collecting their data, as TechCrunch notes.

The novelty is already being released for Android and iOS devices and is coming to other platforms soon.

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