Facebook Postpones Releases Due To Reputation Issues

facebook: According to The Wall Street Journal, facebook postpones launch of products and features to perform “reputation assessments” when handling ex-employee allegations, data breaches and lawsuits in Congress.

Entering a period of intense attention from the public and authorities, the company has announced that it is halting development of Instagram Youth, a platform for children under 13. In September, an internal report appeared in The Wall Street Journal: facebook polls showed Instagram was bad for teenage girls’ mental health.

This Tuesday (5), Frances Haugen, the former Product Manager at facebook, testified before the United States Senate, denouncing that the company’s products “harm children, fuel social divisions and weaken democracy.” Haugen also said that facebook sometimes opted for profit at the expense of the users’ well-being.

facebook is accused of harming children and undermining democracy;

Facebook comment

Commenting on the former manager’s testimony, Mark Zuckerberg said the argument that they profit from disinformation and hate speech would be “illogical”. Mark added that the company’s leaders will conduct “deep analysis” on several areas currently under development to show that: facebook is willing to “make significant contributions in the areas of security, integrity, research and product”.

The CEO of facebook also said The Wall Street Journal report mischaracterized research into Instagram’s effects on users’ mental health, as it was conducted to make the social network a better place.

Reputation crisis

Recently, facebook also banned a group of academics investigating the transparency of the platform’s ads and the spread of fake news. The group said the poll was silenced and Facebooks justification was “false”. These behaviors only reinforce the signals that the company is struggling with the image crisis.

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