Facebook refers Trump’s suspension to its independent 'supreme court'

The board stated that it will accept the transfer. “A decision by the board in this case will be binding on Facebook and will determine whether Mr. Trump’s ban on unlimited access to Facebook and Instagram will be lifted,” the group said on Thursday.

Still on hold: The social media giant had previously announced that it would keep Trump from posting on Facebook or Instagram, at least until the end of that term, after its supporters stormed the Capitol, with the company citing the risk of additional violence while making the call. Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer, said last week the company has no plans to lift the suspension.

The decision was lauded by Democratic lawmakers, who have long urged Facebook and other social media platforms to crack down on the posts made by Trump and his allies who they said fueled divisions and incited violence. But Republicans have hammered tech companies for smothering the former president and revived allegations that Silicon Valley companies are anti-conservative. Some freedom of speech advocates and foreign leaders have raised concerns about the impact of a private company making such decisions.

The oversight body, made up of former government officials, civil rights activists and other outside experts, was officially launched last year. The case of Trump’s suspension will be the group’s largest test to date, created to review and rethink some of Facebook’s key content decisions.

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