Facebook Sued In Australia Over Fraudulent Ads

facebook: The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC), the Australian market regulator, has filed a lawsuit against Meta for alleged malpractice by facebook.

The complaint involves the accusation that the social network failed to prevent scammers from using the platform to deceive consumers from fraudulent facebook ads.

A lawsuit was also filed in the UK for similar reasons in 2018 and ended with the company’s assurance that it would add a button for users to report possibly fake ads.

Can it complicate for Facebook?

According to the text of the lawsuit, the platform is aware of the problem between advertisers, but does little to combat these scams. Therefore, the process asks for financial compensation, in addition to the guarantee of reinforcement for these actions.

Another important point is the agency’s request for Meta to be transparent about how scammers may have used Facebook’s own tools to better “hook” victims, based on behaviors, habits and tastes on the platform.

Such advertisements cited by the ACCC usually involve some financial scheme, such as the commercialization of suspicious cryptocurrencies, and use images of celebrities and influencers in the country without the authorization of these figures in an attempt to generate credibility for the service offered.

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