Facebook to start charging some sellers on Marketplace for first time

According to Facebook, it will be the first time that Facebook will start billing for sales through its marketplace platform Money saving expert.

Facebook is making changes to its online shopping and sales center that will charge users for sending items to customers directly through the platform.

The delivery service was first launched last month and is free for the time being, but will charge a 2% fee from early next year.

One of the main selling points of Facebook Marketplace is that it has always been free for sellers to use, unlike competitors.

According to Facebook, the move will give buyers more choice and allow sellers to reach more people, while the fee – deducted from sales – will help cover the cost of customer support and purchase protection.

Sellers can also avoid this fee from January through Facebook’s collection-only option, which still doesn’t incur any additional fees.

Chris Newlands, News and Investigations Editor for MoneySavingExpert.com, said, “These are pretty seismic changes to Facebook’s hugely popular online shopping and selling hub, which has become a firm favorite for many.

“The new delivery option should mean there are now a whole host of new buyers available to sellers, which should make selling items a lot quicker and easier, but this comes at a cost that sellers need to consider.” how the new 2% fee is eating away at the profits.

“But there is still the option to only sell on collection if you prefer – alternatively, it is worthwhile to compare the fees from Facebook with those of other sales platforms and specialist groups compared to elsewhere.”

If a seller has chosen to pay shipping costs, the cost will be deducted from their payout. Items must cost between £ 1 and £ 500 to be shipped.

Facebook will work with the payment platform Stripe to process transactions. Buyers don’t need a Stripe account, however – they instead pay directly on the Facebook website, where they have the option to use their credit or debit card.

The 2% fee, which will not take effect until January 2022, is based on the total price of the item set by the seller plus the shipping costs calculated by Hermes


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