Facebook whistleblower to be invited to EU Parliament

The European Parliament will invite Frances Haugen to address the Chamber on November 8th.

MPs agreed to ask Haugen, a former Facebook employee who accused the company of not doing enough to mitigate the damage to its platform, to submit her findings to parliament, where lawmakers are currently drafting a law to moderate content that works as a Digital Services Act.

Haugen has not yet confirmed whether she will attend.

Haugen is the main source for a series of articles about the company, published by the Wall Street Journal, suggesting that Facebook knowingly promoted products that enable human trafficking and harm children’s self-esteem.

European lawmakers have been working on the Digital Services Act, which will force tech companies like Facebook to crack down on illegal content, address systemic issues on their platforms like disinformation, revise their content and advertising algorithms, and open their data to regulators and researchers.

Haugen spoke in the US Senate last week. She has also spoken to European officials after speaking to key MEPs such as Christel Schaldemose and Alexandra Geese, as well as top Commission officials Thierry Breton and Věra Jourová.

In the face of widespread backlash, Facebook on Sunday offered to make changes that would protect teenagers from content on its Instagram app that “may not be beneficial to their wellbeing” and encourage users to regularly “take a break” while using the app to insert “.

Haugen is also due to testify in front of the British Parliament on October 25th.

The members of the Internal Market Committee are also due to vote on the law on digital markets and services on November 8th.


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