Facebook’s Clubhouse Rival Meets Users

facebook begins to introduce the voice chat room function developed by Clubhouse wind to its users. facebook is also launching its podcast service.

Facebooks voice chat rooms work similarly to Twitter’s Spaces feature. Chat rooms can be accessed via Facebooks main app. The administrators of the room will be able to give a voice to the speakers. facebook will show voice chat rooms above stories in news feed. In this form, users also get the opportunity to earn income through rooms.

facebook will use automation and user reports as it enforces the rules of its new format. As in the Clubhouse, venue managers can give speakers a voice and report any violators. facebook, which will take a cautious approach, will primarily allow only prominent people and content creators in the US to create rooms. However, all users can join these conversations as listeners and have the right to speak if the space owner allows it.

facebook Groups will play an important role in the audio chat room experience. Group managers can also start a voice chat room. However, facebook will initially give this option to certain groups.

facebook will compete with Twitter and Spotify outside of Clubhouse with its voice chat rooms. Twitter Spaces and Spotify started appearing in this area with Greenroom.

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