Failure in Spain of the Radar Covid app

Radar COVID is an official application for SARS-CoV-2 virus infection alerts for Android and iOS mobile devices.

Users who have downloaded the application and accept its use will be notified in the event that they have been exposed to epidemiological contact (less than 2 meters and more than 15 minutes) with another user in the 14 days prior to that notification (full anonymous) who stated in the application that they gave a positive result in the COVID 19 test, after accreditation by the health authorities.

Covid Radar app

The application will only inform you of the day (within the previous fourteen) on which the contact exposure took place, but not the identity of the user to whom it was exposed – impossible information because it is an application that does not request, use or store personal data of users, nor their device identification, nor the time or place of the exposure.

Upon receipt of a notification, the application will provide you with information on how to take preventive and supportive measures to help control the spread of the virus. But despite the government’s efforts to promote it, the truth is that Radar Covid hasn’t exactly been a download success, but almost the opposite: a failure, as less than 10% of Spanish smartphone users have failed.

In exact figures we even have that 86% of the nearly 47 million inhabitants in Spain have a mobile phone. And of that amount, only 9.9% have downloaded the Radar Covid app.

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