74+ Fairy Pick Up Lines [Best/Cute/Funny]

Do you need some help getting to your destination? Fairy Pick Up Lines can help! These lines can get you the love of your life in no time – and they’re sure to make you stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re looking for something sweet or sexy, these lines have you covered. So what are you waiting for? Try out a few today and see for yourself how effective Fairy Tail Pick up Lines can be!


Fairy Pick Up Lines

Fairy Pick Up Lines

Fairy Tail is one of the most popular and well-known anime series out there, and its fans are no strangers to creative pick up lines! From hilarious to romantic, these lines will have your heart racing, and you’ll be sure to turn a few heads when you use them on your next date! So whether you’re a die-hard Fairy fan or just looking for some new inspiration, check out this list of fairy pick up lines!

  1. I’d like to introduce you to my Beast, Beauty.
  2. If I were Alice, I’d explore your Wonderland.
  3. One of Cupid’s arrows just hit me and made me fall in love at first sight.
  4. Your name must be Google; because you have everything that I’ve been looking for.
  5. Are you happy to see me or do you have a lamp in your pocket, Aladdin?
  6. Hi Evergreen, yesterday you said if I kicked you you’d kick me back; what if I loved you?
  7. Life without you, Gray, will be completely pointless just like a broken pencil.
  8. Did you just sit on my face and asked me to lie? You can’t be Pinoccio’d?
  9. Honey, all I want is you; call me Pooh.
  10. I don’t hate Lisanna but I won Natsu.
  11. You get my heart racing; are you Lighting McQueen?
  12. I’ll show you a new world if you spend just one night with me.
  13. I’ll make you buzz for light years if you give me a Woody.
  14. You need more than a spoonful of sugar to make me go down.
  15. Hi Jasmine, I wanted to know if the magic carpet matches the drapes.
  16. The alphabet has 21 letters, because the others spell U, R, A, Q,T.
  17. Hey Cinderella, I see your dress disappearing from you by midnight.

Best Fairy Tail Pick Up Lines

Best Fairy Tail Pick Up Lines

Do you love fairy tail? Then you’ll love these best fairy tail pick up lines that will get you talking to any Fairy Tail fan! Whether you’re looking to flirt or just have some fun, these best fairy tail lines will have you laughing the whole time! So what are you waiting for?

  1. Are you a fairy fountain? Because I will pay for me to make my armor hard.
  2. I can make any fairy moan… All I need to do is Tink’er’bell.
  3. Do you want to become a fairy? Because I will make you shine after putting sexy afterglow on your face.
  4. If you jingle my bells, I’ll give you a white Christmas.
  5. When I was younger my fairy godmother said I can have a long penis or a long memory, I can’t remember my response.
  6. You must be a fairy spirit, because you look out of this world with glitters.
  7. Are you wearing a fairy outfit? No you are just a sexy angel for me.
  8. Want to play fairy? Because I want to explore deep into your fairy forest.
  9. Hey girl are you Tinkerbell? Because I’m fairy attracted to you.
  10. So, it is a lie that fairies only appear in dreams.
  11. Babe, I did not know fairies were real until I met you.
  12. Let’s go see how this fairy tale ends.
  13. I thought the land of fairies was further South. And I am ready to go down to find out.
  14. Are you a fairy? Because you’re the answer to all my magical wishes.
  15. Babe, if you think you are just a normal girl now. Wait until I give you my magical wand and you will be my fairy.
  16. Girl, I am a tooth fairy, I will get in and out of your mouth tonight and you will not feel a thing.
  17. Do you have magic? Because your glow is making me float like the fairy dust.
  18. Girl you fairy? Because you make me feel like fly.
  19. Why geography books! I will take u all around the world in a fairy tale!

Cute Fairy Tail Pick Up Lines

  1. I must be lost…
  2. Are you a fairy?
  3. Let’s go see how this fairy tale ends.
  4. Fairies only appear in dreams
  5. Cuz I’m fairy attracted to you 😉
  6. i’ll give you a white christmas.
  7. Why geography books! I will take u all around the world in a fairy tale!
  8. …Because I thought the land of fairies was further South.
  9. I’ll be Logan Paul, I think you know your part.
  10. Wanna play forest.
  11. So, my mum told a lie that.
  12. There are 206 bones in a persons body would you like to add one more.
  13. Hey girl are you Tinkerbell?
  14. Hey girl, did you know I’m just like a Rubik’s cube?
  15. The more you play with me the harder I get.
  16. Because you’re the answer to all my prayers…
  17. If you jingle my bells,

Funny Fairy Tail Pick Up Lines

  1. The three of you make such a great team, like three bowls of porridge. One is too cold, the other is too hot, while you are just right. Could you introduce me to the hot one?
  2. Oops, you just blew me away; are you made of straws?
  3. I hope your antidote chapstick works because I put poison in the orange you are eating.
  4. Down where it’s wetter, things are much better.
  5. Because I’m going to touch the butt, call me Nemo.
  6. When I’m with you, I feel like 7 emotional diamond miners; are you Snow White?
  7. Let’s see if this fits, Cinderella.
  8. You’ll end up spending more time in bed with me that Sleeping Beauty.
  9. I’m thinking about Jasmine’s carpet, not Aladdin.
  10. You are like a princess. Could you be having a pee…oh, sorry, a pea in your mattress?
  11. Despite the fact that you are beautiful, most people forget that you were ever made. Could you be Mulan?
  12. To make any fairy moan, you need to Tink’er’bell.

Hilarious Fairy Tail Pick Up Lines

  1. If It Wasn’t For Ankhseram’s Curse, I’d Be By Your Side.
  2. You Must Be A Celestial Spirit, Because You Look Out Of This World!
  3. Let Me Requip Into Something A Little More Comfortable.
  4. Even Natsu Can’t Handle How Hot You Are!
  5. Can You Control Time? Because Everything Stops When I Look At You.
  6. Here’s The Gate Key…To My Heart!
  7. I Don’t Know If Fairies Have Tails, But I Think You’re Proof That Angels Exist.
  8. Oh, No. Gray’s Not Wearing Any Clothes. You Better Lend Him Yours.
  9. Do You Know Unison Raid? Because I Think We Can Make Some Beautiful Magic Together.
  10. There’s An Electricity In The Air, And It’s Not Just From Laxus.

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By now, you must have understood that even though the fairy tail pick up lines are unconventional, they work like magic for many guys. So, when it comes to flirting, just add these lines in your conversation and see how things turn out. Also do share and comment below!

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