Fallout 76: Invaders Of The Galaxy, The Aliens Arrive In Appalachia

Fallout 76: Invaders Of The Galaxy, The Aliens Arrive In Appalachia

Fallout 76: We tell you all about Invaders of the Galaxy, the new great seasonal event of Fallout 76 focused on aliens that is now available.
We leave behind a year full of news in Fallout 76† The Bethesda title has kept its promise to the community, based on continuing to expand during the years after its launch to host major expansions such as Fallout Worlds or The Reign of Steel. In this case, the month of March kicks off with the premiere of Invaders of the Galaxy, a seasonal event that welcomes aliens to the game. To get an in-depth look at what this update, out now, will bring with it, we caught up with Game Design Director Mark Tucker to tell us all about Galaxy Invaders.

This will be Invaders of the galaxy in Fallout 76

Aliens are not a novelty in the Fallout saga. Those who have been fans of the franchise for years and have enjoyed other games, such as Fallout 3 or the fourth numbered installment, will remember that magnificent DLC called Mothership Zeta in which we traveled with our protagonist to an alien ship from which we had to escape in order to continue with our adventure through the ruins of DC. “There are certain references to previous alien appearances in other Fallout games that fans will recognize. We have added a number of new alien troops and one of them you will recognize from having seen it before,” points Mark Tucker.

Blasters with plasma or laser ammunition, creatures with a fun (or terrifying) look and metallic settings and straight out of a science fiction movie. All this and more awaits us in Invaders of the Galaxy, the new content that reaches the open world of Fallout 76 to surprise us with an update that expands the world already known, instead of being an independent addition as in the case of other DLC or expansions





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