False widow spider bite warning for Brits as cases surge in UK

Spider bites from noble false widow spiders are on the rise and may require hospital treatment, a study has found.

The study, published in the medical journal Clinical Toxicology, compared the bites to real black widow spiders and found that some bites can be just as serious.

Some people had to be hospitalized for the dentures and now have the potential to be one of the most invasive spiders in the world.

The species is not new to Britain and the noble false widow had already been reported in southern England near Torquay, Devon when Britain was captured in the first Anglo-Boer War of 1880.

Scientists have ruled out climate change as a likely cause, but suggested that a new genetic mutation within the species may have made noble false widows more adaptable to new environments. reports GloucestershireLive.

In addition, the species has benefited from an increasingly globalized economy that hitchhikes in containers and crates around the world.

Human movement has largely contributed to the spread of this species across Europe, North Africa, Western Asia, and parts of North and South America.

In parts of Ireland and the UK, it has become one of the most common species of spider to be found in and around urban habitats.

With the rise of false widow spiders in homes, bites are becoming more common and scientists are now beginning to realize the full medical significance of these spiders.


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