Family of 18 order 40 chicken nuggets and mountain of burgers as takeaway treat

For most families, the take-away night usually involves a table set with a few cartons of curry or a pizza to share.

But when the Bonell family orders, it’s more like a truckload of meals battling for space in the dining room.

Australia’s largest family recently indulged in fast food on a Friday night – and the mountain of burgers and fries they endured was breathtaking.

With eighteen family members including themselves, Jeni and Ray Bonell from Queensland ordered eight beef whoppers, eight cheeseburgers, 40 chicken nuggets, 16 servings of fries, and 16 soft drinks at the Hungry Jacks fast food restaurant.

Jeni, who shares 16 children with husband Ray, posted a picture of her ten-year-old son Damian on her Instagram page, who looks delighted with the loot.

The Bonell’s children range from six to 31 years old, and their grocery store usually adds up to around £ 250 a week, reports The sun.

But last Friday the family broke with tradition and ordered a huge takeaway for son Damian’s tenth birthday.

Mother Jeni, 51, who has seven daughters, ordered four large family packages for £ 72.

The huge festival was announced with a post on Instagram

“And just like that, another child has a birthday and now only leaves us one child in the single-digit age range,” she captioned her Instagram post.

“Mom definitely feels all of the feelings that all of her babies have as they grow up.

“I just love a little takeaway for his birthday dinner.”

She underlined her post with the hashtag “Feeding a Crowd”.

It costs a whopping £ 400 a week for the Radford grocery store

The Bonells have nothing like Britain’s largest family, the Radfords.

Daughter Millie Radford recently shared a glimpse into her life during her new All-Access TV show, revealing how she spends £ 400 on grocery stores and uses 16 liters of milk a day.

Sue and Noel Radford have 22 children together, and the non-welfare couple from Morecambe spend an estimated £ 30,000 a year raising them, including birthday and Christmas presents.


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