Family of murdered aid worker urge ISIS 'Beatles' terrorist to reveal body's location

Alexanda Amon Kotey, 37, one of four militants named after the famous band by their prisoners because of their British accent, admitted eight charges in a U.S. court on Thursday

Mr. Haines with daughter Bethany in 2012 (

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The daughter of a murdered helper asks a member of the IS gang “The Beatles” to tell her where her father’s body is.

Alexanda Amon Kotey, 37, was one of four militants named after the famous band by their prisoners because of their British accent.

The cell was allegedly responsible for the brutal killings of a number of Western and Japanese prisoners, including 44-year-old British national David Haines.

Kotey, who grew up in London, attended a two-hour hearing in the U.S. District Court in Alexandria, Virginia on Thursday and pleaded guilty on eight counts.

There were four fatal hostage-taking, conspiracy to commit fatal hostage-taking, conspiracy to murder US citizens outside the United States, conspiracy to materially aid terrorists – hostage-taking and murder – and conspiracy with a specific foreign terrorist organization To provide material support as a result of death.

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Kotey admitted eight charges in a U.S. court Thursday


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After the hearing, Mr. Haines’ 24-year-old daughter, Bethany, pleaded with Kotey to reveal where her father’s remains are buried.

Kotey has agreed to cooperate fully with the authorities as part of its settlement agreement, the court was informed.

Bethany from Perth, Scotland, told the story the daily record : “I don’t think we expected him to be the one to fold. I think we were all in shock.

“But I don’t think his plea was bold or impressive. I think he has reasons of his own and I think we will end up suffering in some form over the long term.

“I think I know where the bodies are, but he says he didn’t go to the executions.

Bethany, pictured with Mr. Haines in 2011, wants to know where her father’s body is


Collect unknown)

“There is no definitive evidence, but I firmly believe he was there and is holding on to it because we cannot prove otherwise.

“I think it’s all part of his psychotic game. His request doesn’t change anything for me.”

Mr. Haines was helping refugees in a camp near the Turkish border when he was arrested in March 2013.

He was detained for 18 months before he was beheaded in September 2014 by Mohammed Emwazi, aka “Jihadi John”.

Disgusting images of the murder – along with those of Alan Henning, 47, another UK aid worker, and US journalist James Foley, 40 – have been turned into ISIS propaganda.

Bethany, pictured in 2014



Diane Foley, the mother of Mr Foley who was killed, said it was “relaxing” to be on trial with Kotey and also urged the British to divulge information about the group’s atrocities.

She told the Today program on BBC Radio 4: “I have received no indication that he is interested [making amends] But I hope that in time he will just because the extent of the evil he has committed is so great – I just don’t know how a soul could live with all of this.

“We all want to know where our children’s remains are.”

The cell – supposedly made up of ringleaders Emwazi, 27, Aine Davis, 37, and El Shafee Elsheikh, 33 – was allegedly tasked with extracting contact information from the hostages’ relatives.

The terrorists would then demand the release of Western Islamic prisoners or large sums of money in return for the release of the hostages.

While Kotey has now pleaded guilty, there has been no update on Elsheikh due to be on trial in January.

Emwazi was killed in a US drone attack in 2015 while Davis is serving a sentence in a Turkish prison.

As part of the plea agreement, Kotey could be relocated to Great Britain after 15 years behind bars in the United States to be tried in his country of birth.

The court was told that Kotey plead guilty in the UK and would likely be sentenced to life imprisonment.

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