Family warning as gran dies of Covid after 100 days in hospital

A grandma died of Covid after being in intensive care for more than 100 days, while her husband also died – when her family urged people to continue to obey the rules while the lockdown wears off.

Five-year-old grandma Liz Rice, 55, and husband Raymond, 62, both had COPD and feared that if they caught it, they would die.

The devoted couple, both retired and living in Darnley, Glasgow, started shielding at the beginning of the pandemic, but both contracted the virus in January.

Liz’s health deteriorated and she was admitted to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and admitted to intensive care in January, while Raymond was admitted to the hospital in February.

Raymond appeared to be recovering and was released, but died a week later on March 1st while his wife was in an artificial coma.

Liz spent 101 days in intensive care and was discharged to a ward, but died on Aug.

Liz Rice in the hospital

Grieving daughter, Jamie-Louise Haskett, 27, claims Raymond had still tested positive at the time of his death, two months after his first illness.

Jamie, a mother of two, said, “The most important thing to comfort me is that they are together again.

“There was a day when they weren’t together in their life.

“It was a tremendous stress for the family.

“You’re trying to understand what happened, but you just can’t.

“Me and my brothers are blessed to be such a close family that has helped us make it through this.

“We are very happy to have each other in many ways.

“My youngest son is going to ask about grandma and grandpa and it’s hard to explain what happened.

“My other son tells me that while he is playing, he is building stairs to visit grandma and grandpa in heaven, it’s heartbreaking.

“I hope people still take this disease seriously.

Family warning as gran dies of Covid after 100 days in hospital 1

Liz Rice in the hospital

“I know it’s not easy, but you just have to look at our families to see the devastating effect they can have.”

Budding maternity nurse Jamie from Glasgow said: “Both of my parents had shielded themselves from the start of the pandemic, they had been very careful.

“Unfortunately, both of them got Covid and my mom had to go to the hospital at the beginning of January. My mom went downhill very quickly.

“A month later, after falling ill with Covid, she was in intensive care on a ventilator.

“The days went on and on, and some days we’d talk to doctors about plans to lose her.

“My father was then hospitalized in February, but he was fine and needed minimal assistance.

“He got out and continued his life at home and was fine.

“Then all of a sudden he got sick and was taken to the intensive care unit.

Family warning as gran dies of Covid after 100 days in hospital 2

Raymond Reis

“On Saturday the hospital told us there wasn’t much more they could do and they attributed it to a fungal infection, even though he was still testing positive for Covid.

“Unfortunately he passed away on March 1st.

“My mother continued to have ups and downs and when she was doing well enough, which I easily take advantage of since there was never a good time to tell her, my brothers and I went to the hospital to tell her about dad.

“As you can imagine, she didn’t take the news well.”

The family raised nearly £ 2,000 for Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

Jamie added, “The staff at Queen Elizabeth Hospital have been phenomenal, I cannot thank them enough.

“They make so much more, they don’t get enough credit for what they are doing during this pandemic.

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