Fans fuming as Take That's Howard reveals he hates the band's songs

Bad news, Take That lovers – one of them admitted he didn’t like the songs.

And the fans are already angry.

The Mirror Online Reports that Howard Donald confessed in a bluntly worded interview: “I don’t like any of them – they are all damned.”

The band member, who has been adored by many fans since its inception in the early 1990s, was included on the “Events that Made Me” podcast.

When asked to name his favorite song from his band Take That’s, he said he didn’t like any of them.

Instead, he said he preferred dancing and electronic music.

“Right now I have 15 boxes of vinyl, all of the late 80s and 90s dance music that I’m digging through – Beck, Chemical Brothers, Kraftwork, Human League, Gary Numan …” he said.

“I generally listen to a lot of electronic music – I listen to a lot of dance music.”

Still, he admits the group put on a good live show.

He said, “We always said we want people to leave these arenas and say,” Wow. It was an amazing show. Got my 80 pound worth.

“In terms of production, you could spend anywhere from £ 10 million to £ 15 million to produce a show like this. Then of course you have to do enough shows to get your money back or you would be doing it for free. And at the end of the day we’re a business. “

He said their population has changed over the years thanks to their staging.

“We never saw guys on our show, and little by little the girlfriends brought the boys with them and the boys had their arms in the air,” he said.

“You would have booked boxes of bachelorette parties that sing along – whether they’re screwed or not doesn’t matter.

“They came because they knew Take That was going to put on a performance – whether you like the music or not.”

The online response to his comments on Take That’s Hits has been quick.

“Very easy to say that he made all his money from the songs through the band,” said one fan.

“Then why the hell did he sing with you?” asked another.

“Money talks at the time, think about it – now he’s just a nobody trying to make a few bobs.”

“Give back the money you got back then,” said a third.

But another made a clearer comment, saying, “He shouldn’t worry – he wasn’t singing them anyway.”

And one fan couldn’t resist a pun and said, “They say, never forget where you’re from.”

Looks like you’ve puzzled her, Howard.


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