Fans speculate Stacey Solomon may have given birth after disappearance from Instagram

Fans speculate that Stacey Solomon may have had a child after disappearing from social media.

The television personality stopped posting on Instagram along with the rest of the world when the platform collapsed Monday night.

But fans have noticed that Stacey has not yet returned to the social media app, leading to speculation that she may have given birth.

Stacey had already revealed that her new baby daughter was due every day.

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In her last Instagram post yesterday morning, Stacey told fans, “Had a nice morning in bed with these three.

“We had to make the birthday candles for Rex about nine times. He loved blowing out my candles.”

Stacey continued: “Then we sat in bed and ate cake and I already regret the crumb and cream situation.

“Joe did the school run, so it’s just me, Rex and my cake now.

Her last post was six days ago and her last Instagram story was 22 hours ago.

Speaking at Tulley’s creepy Shocktober Fest on Friday, Joe Swash said The sun : “The children wanted to come so much that I didn’t want to let them down.”

“The baby is coming any minute,” he added before joking, “If we make a quick exit, you know why.

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