Fauci says U.S. could see ‘a surge upon a surge’ in coronavirus cases

“We have to be careful now because there will almost certainly be an increase due to the events of the trip,” said Fauci. “We know the importance of families getting together, and it’s just something to deal with that we are likely to have more cases as we get into the colder winter weeks and as we get closer to Christmas time.”

The country could also see a surge ahead of the Christmas and New Year holidays as the weather turns colder, Fauci added, noting that travel restrictions and recommendations are likely to remain in place before those holidays.

“Everyone is totally empathetic to the fatigue everyone feels, but when we can hold on a little longer and do the basic things – wear a mask, avoid crowds in gathering areas, keep physical distance, wash hands,” he said. “They seem simple in the size of the problem, but they make a difference.”

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