Fauci: Trump ‘equates wearing a mask with weakness’

Fauci: Trump ‘equates wearing a mask with weakness’

When asked if it made sense for him to look at wearing masks through such a lens of strength or weakness, Fauci replied, “No, it doesn’t. Of course not.”

Even so, Fauci said he thought that “deep down, [Trump] believes in science “because” if he hadn’t, he wouldn’t have entrusted his health to the very competent doctors at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. “

Trump was treated for three days at the Maryland Military Hospital earlier this month after contracting Covid-19. But even after his release, he repeatedly refused to wear masks at many public events.

In fact, the presumably still contagious president climbed the steps to the Truman Balcony after returning to the White House after staying with Walter Reed removed his mask pose and greet for the cameras before entering the Executive Villa.

Trump resumed his campaign plan in the final weeks of the presidential race. He headlined rallies in swing states that were attended by mostly maskless crowds and urged Americans to lead their normal lives regardless of the pandemic.

Trump has been urged on his failure to strongly advocate the wearing of masks at an NBC town hall event last Thursday where he only expressed consent to masks and did not encourage their use.

Presented with the results of a University of Washington study As of July, which predicted that wearing a universal mask could cut the country’s daily death toll by more than 66 percent, Trump said there were “other people who disagree,” and mentioned Dr. Scott Atlas – the controversial new health advisor to the White House.

“Scott Atkins, if you look at Scott, Dr. Scott,” Trump said, apparently incorrectly remembering Atlas’ name. “He’s from – a great guy. Stanford. He will tell you that. He doesn’t agree with you. “

Atlas is a doctor with no experience in infectious diseases or epidemiology known for his rosier assessments of the pandemic’s threat and resistance to coronavirus restrictions. He has According to reports has urged the White House to pursue a herd immunity through mass infection strategy to overcome the public health crisis, but has declined to endorse such an approach.

Trump also skewed data from a study Released by the CDC last month to claim 85 percent of people who wear masks become infected – a false claim he did several times last Thursday.

Trump noted that Fauci was not an advocate of wearing masks in the early stages of the U.S. coronavirus outbreak. No other administrative officials at the time, either, and the CDC recommended the use of cloth masks outside the home in early April.

Fauci accepted in June that the government was slow to encourage the wearing of masks because of public health concerns about a lack of personal protective equipment in the US.


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