FDA issues emergency authorization of anti-malaria drug for coronavirus care

However, an increasing number of lupus and arthritis patients have complained that they have been unable to meet their prescriptions due to persistent bottlenecks, and it has been reported that some doctors hoard the drug for themselves. Federal officials have also complained privately that Trump’s focus on antimalarials has been diverted from efforts to investigate more promising therapies.

Trump has tried to experiment with new therapies and not wait for the usual clinical protocols given the unprecedented nature of the coronavirus pandemic. Asked by a POLITIKO reporter On Friday, whether his authorities should wait for further evidence of anti-malarial drugs, the president stressed the need for speed and alluded to disagreements with infectious disease specialist Anthony Fauci – one of several officials who privately advised the president not to remain unproven drugs.

“I think Tony would disagree with me … [but] We have a pandemic, we have people who are dying now, ”Trump said, adding that he recently spoke to the FDA and was frustrated by the agency’s pace.

“They indicated that we will work on it immediately. It could take a year, ”said the president. “I said what do you mean by a year? We have to have it tonight. “

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