Fears dangerous 'Frankenvirus' experiments could cause another pandemic, author warns

Australian journalist Sharri Markson has investigated the origins of Covid-19 and is convinced it started with a laboratory leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology

Scientists work at the Wuhan Virology Institute, which has been linked to the origins of Covid-19 (

Image: Wuhan Virological Institute)

China’s “dangerous” virus research could lead to yet another pandemic if not held accountable, it was alleged.

Australian journalist Sharri Markson has been investigating the origins of Covid-19 for 18 months and is firmly convinced that the devastating virus originated from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV).

The facility – located near the original epicenter – is considered a leading authority on coronavirus and is still believed to be conducting risky “Frankenvirus” experiments.

In her new book What really happened in Wuhan? , Ms. Markson makes her case for an “ongoing” cover-up, despite alleged evidence of genetic clues in the virus itself linking it to the WIV laboratories.

She also claims that there had been a lot of suspicious activity at EIV in the months before China admitted there was a problem.

Ms. Markson is convinced that Covid-19 is “beyond a doubt” from a leak there.

Security guards stand guard outside the Wuhan Institute of Virology during the World Health Organization’s visit



she said The sun: “There isn’t a single thing that is a smoking weapon – but when you add up all the evidence, there is no doubt that there was an incident at WIV and the Chinese authorities stepped in to cover it up.

“To prevent another pandemic, we absolutely need to know how it started.

“And the fact of the matter is that dangerous biological research has been carried out in laboratories in China that are not up to the same standards as Australian, British and American laboratories and where there is no oversight,” she added.

China has always denied that the pandemic was the result of a laboratory leak


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The journalist accused the Western powers of appeasing China in its alleged cover-up.

Ms. Markson said the debate over the origin of the virus had become too “politicized” in the US while the WHO had not acted quickly enough.

As a result of her investigation, she has been referred to by many as a conspiracy theorist and has even been personally targeted by Chinese state media.

The author of What Really Happened in Wuhan claims her research led her to believe that Covid leaked from the Wuhan lab


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There it is alleged that she only promotes an “anti-China” mood and accuses her of being a “liar” and part of a “misinformation campaign”.

But Ms. Markson didn’t let herself be put off, partly inspired by grandmother Stella, who died of the virus.

Her book includes interviews with scientists, officials, and whistleblowers to uncover their case for a laboratory leak.

Before 2021, any suggestion that Covid was started in a laboratory was flatly rejected by the majority of officials.

But US intelligence is now very divided as to whether it came from WIV.

China denies such allegations, as well as any evidence of mistreatment related to the beginning of the outbreak, while previously attempting to suggest that they came from a U.S. laboratory instead.

Ms. Markson believes the country will “never” admit what happened, but is concerned about why a formal investigation has not been opened in the West.

She said it was likely there wasn’t such pressure from the US or the UK, in part because “it’s too difficult to even understand”.

While the WHO “did not have the courage” to stand against China and instead only “amplified the Communist Party’s lies”.

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