Fed-up singleton advertises for “Love PA” to find her Mr Right online

A single advertised a “Love PA” to help find Mr. Right after wasting valuable time searching thousands of potential partners on dating sites but finding only Mr. Wrong.

Jasmine Broadley, 29, offers a personal mediator £ 200 to be paid when they first find love interest in meeting her in person – after her own online dates were duds for two years as a single.

The single mom, who runs a credit team, wants her assistant to sort out time wasters like the experts on TV show Married at First Sight – which she even applied to this year – who analyze single men and women to predict when which couple would find lasting love together before first meeting.

Jasmine of Brighton, East Sussex, who has a three year old son, has already looked at 14 applications received in the past week.

She said, “I’m looking for someone who can hunt, by doing a thorough search and asking some online questions, to find me, Mr. Right, as I am ready to settle down.”

“I’m very busy and don’t have time to go through thousands of profiles if after the first date with those I have met they always don’t work. In the end I was pretty demotivated to do it myself. “

The other purpose is to find out if the reason for my lack of success is just because I am bad at my selection process or because I am meeting the men

“The other purpose is to find out if the reason for my lack of success is just because I was bad in my selection process or when I meet the men – since I’m a bit of a perfectionist after some bad relationships. It may even be that the right man for me is very difficult to find.

“If someone chooses different, it will be like a different pair of eyes and they may think differently. For example, I immediately exclude people just because of bad spelling!

“My girlfriend and I applied for“ Married at First Sight ”in March – she didn’t hear anything, but I was asked for a video when I didn’t hear anything. I think it would be interesting to hear what professionals think if they try to match you scientifically and they would have analyzed my personality and my dating behavior. “

Since Jasmine was single again two years ago, she has used a variety of online dating sites, including Tinder, Bumble, Match, Hinge, Plenty of Fish, and a Christian site, to no avail.

With three serious relationships since she was 21, blessed with an open-minded personality and working in a huge office, she always found it relatively easy to meet people.

She said, “I’m looking for someone who is really organized and ideally who is familiar with and has used the online dating world. It would be good if they were a little flirtatious, but not too flirtatious and good at communication. “

I spent about an hour each night looking at profiles on my phone after going to bed.

Jasmine added, “I’m not that good with texts, written messages, and the dating sites – I’m better at meeting people in person.

“I’m not really looking, which means I have to scour more people online to find out more about their personalities, so I’ve always taken a lot of my time.

“After going to bed, I would spend an hour or so every night looking at profiles on my phone. I’ve read the biographies, but I’ve found that a lot of people don’t even bother with them and just cross their choices based on looks. “

But Jasmine may have the same headache choosing who to have as a dating guru – since the applicants were so different.

Candidates so far include a mental health advisor, a poet, someone who has taken an online matchmaking course, a recruiter who knows how to judge people, and a man who said they better be masculine Would accept advice on choosing the right candidate.

She said, “I don’t mind if my PA is male or female or how old they are.”

Jasmine added, “I’ll explain to you what kind of person I’m looking for, my likes and dislikes. Your role will be a bit like that of the psychologists and relationship experts in Married at First Sight.

“At the end of the month, I’ll go through all of the applicants and then select a few for interviews.

“I’ll explain that I don’t like it when my potential love interest comes across as hard or aggressive. If they say: ‘I don’t want this, I don’t care’, then I don’t want them. “

Jasmine continued, “I always want to know if they’re nice, funny, caring, nice, and have family values ​​- although I like them being taller than me, older than me, and having a job.

“I don’t mind if they have kids or not, but they have to get along with kids.”

Equipped with Jasmine’s requirements, the PA then selects the people and takes responsibility for the initial phase of the “virtual contact”.

I don’t have time every day to talk on the phone while we’re assessing each other.

Jasmine in her hometown of Brighton

Jasmine added, “I’m not going to get her to have a phone call as that might put a man off me, even if I was honest about the help I’m getting. I don’t want to be a catfish or a cheat, ”she said.

“As soon as my finder has done some research and found someone he thinks will go well together, I’ll meet him for a drink.

“I don’t have time every day to talk on the phone while we evaluate each other.”

Jasmine continued, “It’s best to meet and the only way I can really introduce myself to someone is after I’ve met them and assessed their personality.

“Since I’m pretty picky, I’ve looked at thousands upon thousands of profiles in the past before going on a date. And I’ve also stopped counting how many phone calls I’ve had. But then something seems to put me off when we meet. “

Despite her admitted awkwardness, Jasmine finds that her ability to choose is far from brilliant.

She confessed, “I’ve probably found around 20 men who I thought I would really like and started dating.

“But only two made it to the second date because I can be too easily put off by things if they don’t pay the bill on the first date.

“I think, ‘If you start like this, what will the future look like?” “

Jasmine continued, “Two dates are the longest I’ve ever been on. The men usually seem happy to see each other again, but I am not.

“I realized that being alone is better than being with the wrong person.”

After being cheated on by some previous friends, Jasmine also worries that she may have a broken heart.

Two dates are the longest time I’ve ridden. The men usually seem happy to see each other again, but I am not.

She said, “I was raised to be a good Christian girl, but my serious relationships have ended in very negative ways, so I’m pretty cautious.

“Because I’ve had bad experiences, I may find someone who is too perfect and that makes me reject people who do little things wrong.

“But I feel ready to settle down. I’m the only one of my friends who is single at my age. Everyone else I know are married and have children. “

After posting her ad on Airtasker UK, where people in need of work get connected with those in search, and agreed to pay £ 200 if the successful candidate finds her the first potential love interest that she is personally – regardless of whether it works – she has met with an enthusiastic response.

She said, “I would pay her if it led to something or not – for her time. I’m also paying her to find out if maybe I’m the problem or if my Mr. Right just isn’t out there.

“But hopefully you won’t be needed after my first meeting and you did a successful job!”


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