Federal gov’t says employers can offer vaccine incentives

“Since employees have to answer questions about screening for disabilities prior to vaccination when they are vaccinated, a very large incentive could lead to employees feeling pressured to disclose proprietary medical information,” the EEOC guidelines say.

Clarification wanted: Business groups have urged federal agency to clarify whether employers could offer paid time off or even cash to promote vaccination.

In April, President Joe Biden urged every employer to offer paid time off for workers to recover from possible side effects of the gunfire.

And employers including Dollar General, Aldi and Instacart have already moved to reward their employees for receiving the Covid-19 vaccine with paid time off and cash grants.

Further updates to the manual: The EEOC’s update also states that employers are required to keep their employees’ vaccination information confidential as it is “medical information about the employee”.

If an employer wishes to mandate vaccination for its staff, the EEOC warned that questions prior to screening the shot could include information about a worker’s disability. The agency added that employers “should be aware that an employee can contest the mandatory pre-vaccination requests” and be ready to justify the screening questions under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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