FIFA 21, update 10 now available on PS4

We’ll tell you the full notes of FIFA 21 Update 10 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Changes to FUT, Pro Clubs, Career Mode and new faces.

FIFA 21 will receive Update 10 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The download, which is now available on all platforms, focuses on correcting several issues in FUT, Career Mode, and some outdated cosmetic elements. Then we’ll leave you with the full notes.

FIFA 21 update 10: changes and fixes



Sometimes when trying to matchmaking in Division Rivals, a startup message is displayed but no matches could be found.

In online matches, the players could be seen as founders of FUT at the end of the match; regardless of when the club was founded.

The Compare Price feature did not return any results when used on stadium items.

Adjusted the color of the timer on the template screen for Live Template Creation Challenges to make it easier.

After logging in and out on the News tab, some parts of the interface were not displayed correctly.

Sometimes it took longer than expected for messages to appear in news panels.

An X symbol could be displayed in the UI on player items that met the squad requirements for the FUT Live Friendly Three Nations.

The interface can be visually damaged when selecting and deselecting Live Template Challenges or Favorite Basics.

Some shields showed a temporary image.

Career mode

Substitutes who started the game lost too much stamina.

Fixed more cases where a player’s model was not displayed correctly.

Snipers achievement was not unlocked when the prerequisites were met.

A stability issue can be reproduced when viewing tournament news articles.

Professional clubs

The scoreboard may display incorrect card information in-game


Some kits, announcements, balls, stadiums and 2D portraits have been updated.

Added 8 star faces and 1 inherited star face.

The Connection Monitoring setting is now set to Icons Only instead of Off by default.


There may be an additional umpire on Elland Road.

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