Fight Crab, analysis Steam, The King of the Crustaceans

Fight Crab, analysis Steam, The King of the Crustaceans

Is Fight Crab as spectacular and fun as it painted? We analyzed the game that went viral on social networks and discovered everything it offers us. It is time to find out who is the king of crustaceans.

Surely you will remember that tweet that became so viral that we did not believe what we were seeing: Giant crabs fighting with all kinds of weapons. But this is 2020, a year as unusual as it is ideal for games like Fight Crab to arrive.

The Calappa Games game is the exact reflection of what 2020 is like. What we are seeing is so surreal that we cannot quite believe it. But do not understand our words, because it hides more than one surprise inside and we wanted to try it and delve into it to find out if behind so much visual spectacle there is a good video game hidden.

The King of the Crustaceans
Right from the start, the game is presented to the player as something curious and in which seriousness really matters the least. There are no deep stories or some element that unites the different sections of the game, but each one goes for free. In fact, the interface itself mixes fonts without rhyme or reason to the limit of being awkward.

Once we have done the menu, the rest is to play and play until all the scenarios that Fight Crab presents us are finished. The purpose and objective of each fight is to turn the opponent around and hold on for 3 seconds to win. Although it is not as easy as it is written, because to do it, the more we hit him the easier it will be to turn it and the more it will cost him to get back on his feet.

We visit cities, temples, restaurants and even a fish market among other extras that we will unlock at the end that we still laugh at the thought of them. Because this is where its greatest strength resides.

There is a constant feeling of not knowing what is happening on the screen in the first few minutes. You only see outbursts, giant crabs with weapons and music in the style of an anime opening. And even with all this information overload, you laugh.


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