Final Fantasy XIV: PS5 will receive version

Final Fantasy XIV: PS5 will receive version

During the airing of the 60th Final Fantasy XIV Letter commemorative live this Friday the 9th, Square Enix released several new features for Final Fantasy XIV, including the arrival of a new update featuring gear, missions, systems, mechanics and raids. Additionally, it has been confirmed that the game will have improvements in the PS5 version, with improved graphics and a shorter loading time.

Patch 5.4, also known as Futures Rewritten, adds a new dungeon compatible with the trusted system. Matoya’s Relict marks the return of Eden with the Eden’s Promise journey, where the player must have completed the main story from the latest update to access the content.

The side mission series The Sorrow of Werlyt will present an intense challenge for everyone, put the powerful and classic boss Emerald Weapon to a new test and bring incredible rewards for anyone who manages to defeat him in his base version and in the extreme. The Save the Queen missions will also be upgraded, winning the Delubrum Reginae battle and upgrades to the Weapons of Resistance.

Square has announced that the PvE and PvP systems will be improved, with the Monk and Blue Mage classes getting improvements. Expert recipe updates, reduced collectibles, Skybuilder ratings, quests, and the addition of a new difficulty setting, Unreal and more, are also part of Patch 5.4.


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