Final two days to vote in nationwide competition for the UK's Favourite Place

You have just over two days to vote for the UK’s most popular spot on our sister site 2Chill Nationwide competition before the winner is announced on Friday, September 10th.

Wherever your favorite place in the UK is, vote for it today and move up your most valuable city, town or county Leaderboard before the competition ends this week.

Newcastle is currently at the top, followed by Liverpool, Manchester and Wales. Belfast has risen to fifth place after Eamonn Holmes rooted for his favorite capital.

Thousands of votes have been cast in the past few weeks – but everything could change by Friday.

Your third and final vote could mean the difference between a Liverpudlian or Geordie win, or you could shock the leaderboard and see Brummie steal the crown.

Vote for yours favorite place now in the nationwide survey.


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