Finally, Microsoft Adds The Clock And Date To All Connected Screens

Microsoft: Time control is very important so that you can dedicate every minute to what you want most and concentrate on what is happening at any moment. It may be that at home, at work or simply when you go down the street you need to take a look at a device that tells you the day and, of course, the time in which you are living. But making this easy while you have multiple screens active was a problem in Windows 11 but finally Microsoft fixes this problem.

You can finally see the date and time on all connected screens

Microsoft is doing its best to increase the number of old devices with Windows 11. This is an arduous task that will require a lot of time and, above all, to give users reasons to download it on their machines. But those reasons have to do with the improvements that come with each update of the operating system.

One of the ones that is on its way brings a very simple but very important aesthetic improvement for those who want to have more than one display on their desktop. It turns out that, according to what they say in PCWorld, the Redmond company is working on an improvement in which you can see the date and time on all connected screens.

Until now, the operating system had deployed the toolbar on all screens regardless of where this option was placed, so basic that many had a hard time even locating it when located in one place.

A little big improvement

Sometimes the most classic users miss the usual things in the newest operating systems. And that in the case of Windows 11 there are features inherited from Windows 10 and of which little by little we will see that they are disappearing due to a redesign of these for the better. The clearest example is in the volume control that Microsoft is working on, one that we will soon see renewed and that will appear just above the toolbar.

As we were saying, it is a matter of time before the company carries out the pertinent tests so that the operating system is filled with improvements that make it unique and different from the rest of its predecessors and bring novelties to the market.

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