Fire Louis DeJoy!

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy took over the helm of the United States Postal Service less than a year ago and began to pound it. Now he wants to accelerate this process.

If President Biden does not take the necessary steps to begin the process of removing DeJoy from his position, the Postmaster General’s austerity agenda threatens to ruin the USPS at some point 246 years of history when service is as important as never before.

The urgency of presidential action was illustrated on Tuesday when DeJoy announced it a 10 year restructuring plan for the postal service, which slows delivery times for premium mail, increases postage costs and cuts hours for post offices. The Postmaster General and his friends tried to present the proposed changes as a rationalization project, but The Washington Post correctly characterized it as a strategic initiative that “lowers delivery standards and increases prices”. The effect of these changes makes this in the words of Chuck Zlatkin, the legislative and political director of the New York Metro Area Postal Union, “DeJoy’s 10-Year Plan for the De facto Privatization of the Post Office.”

Even if DeJoy’s slash and burn does not immediately dismantle the agency, it will cause serious damage to the postal service and the communities that rely most on it. “Cuts in standards of service for premium mail, limiting opening hours at local post offices, and making postal products easier to access would adversely affect USPS customers across the country, including in rural and underserved communities.” explained Senator Gary Peters, the Michigan Democrat who chairs the postal service oversight committee.

Save the Post Office, a coalition of workers and progressive groups, offered a blunt answer: “Asking Louis DeJoy to draw up a ten-year plan for the Post is like asking the fox to build a better hen house. Having recorded his destruction, incompetence, and ownership over the past nine months, the only plans he has qualified for at this point are his own retirement plans. “


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